sunday best no. 2

Not gonna lie–almost took a break from today’s Sunday Best because last night’s Super Bowl festivities were exhausting, and curating a list of links seemed like a daunting feat. Does anybody else get super emotionally invested in football like I do? I’m pretty much anxious from kick-off to the final score, with a small window of … More sunday best no. 2

the ones we keep

Earlier this month over breakfast, my friend asked me if I still keep in touch with a girl from high school. “I mean, not really. But we tried,” I told her, explaining that despite being on the same campus, we were never able to see each other as much as we wanted. “But I get … More the ones we keep

sunday best no. 1

So I made a blogging decision last week. Mondays. Every two weeks. Right here. I’m your girl with an assortment of favorites (anything from links to my favorite spots around the internet to a couple of quick takes from my life), always written on Sunday and brought to you on Monday because let’s be real, … More sunday best no. 1

for better, for worse (a blog post about “when breath becomes air”)

(When Breath Becomes Air is a memoir written by Dr. Paul Kalanathi, a neurosurgeon who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. It was published after his death and has been touching the lives of every single one of its readers since. It touched mine. You’ll need to know some background before reading the rest of … More for better, for worse (a blog post about “when breath becomes air”)


(this post has been a long time coming) I lost my snorkel gear in the ocean on our last day in Hawaii. There was the briefest moment of realization when the tide pulled me in before the wave hit, crashing over me and literally ripping the snorkel mask and mouthpiece from my face, followed by … More weathered

psalm 46:5

So, about last night. I’m going to preface this by saying this is hard to write because times that aren’t marked by storm and waves do not usually end with me running to the blog, and it’s a good thing that Jesus does not need our exclamations of His goodness in order to be good … More psalm 46:5