com·mence·ment: (n) a beginning or a start I have no idea how to express what this time of life has meant to me, but it has been so sweet and true and honest and real. The easiest way to sum it all up gracefully would be with 1 Peter 2:3, my favorite verse of late, … More cheers

the sweetest email

well hello blog, it’s been a minute, but: I was hit with a really terrible cold on the day the AMCAS application opened for submission, and spent the rest of the weekend (and as for the week, here’s looking at you with higher expectations) swinging between running a very low fever and going through doses … More the sweetest email

alaska photo dump

Let me just start by saying that Alaska in the winter? Not the most exciting place in the world. But the main point of the trip was to catch the northern lights–which was a feat in and of itself, more on that later–so we spent most of our time in our Airbnb that had the … More alaska photo dump

plan A

A little life update: When I graduated from college back in December, I had some pretty grand plans to volunteer in India for a couple months before applying to medical school. I was nervous and a little terrified, but I went to the travel clinic and updated my list of immunizations and prepared the important … More plan A

low beams

“I’m nervous,” I feel like I say this out loud to my roommate several times a week, and it’s always about unanswered emails and rifts in my life plan and uncertainty. –and oh man, the uncertainty. I’ve figured out pretty fast that uncertainty makes its mark all the time in this funny little post-grad time, … More low beams