if you’re a bird

Yesterday, this post on Instagram made me pause in the midst of infinite scrolling. Like so many of us, I am frustrated. I am tired. I cannot begin to fathom why this keeps happening, why every other day it feels like there is another name, another incident, another injustice. Another split second where inequality rears … More if you’re a bird

grateful, part 1

learning to extend grace to myself on this quiet tuesday morning. I would love to sit here for hours and work through my thoughts on this pandemic and on medical school and on how a little over a year ago, I wrapped up my three months in malawi and headed home. it turns out that … More grateful, part 1

stage IV

this feels almost too heavy to write about, and I’m not quite sure how to put my thoughts into words, seeing as I started writing this two weeks ago and am coming back to it now with a harder and more firm diagnosis. this one feels like a truth that is hard to swallow. this … More stage IV


this is going to be a little scattered because it’s basically the culmination of five different blog posts I have tried to write but stopped since starting medical school I’ve been thinking a lot about Kobe Bryant’s death the last few days. Mostly fueled by this video, which I find myself watching over and over … More kobe

my little village

I think that whoever first said “it takes a village” must have been living somewhere a whole lot like Likoma. For the last few months, this little island has changed me and grown me and above all else, challenged my perspective of global health and international aid. And “it takes a village” has never been … More my little village