happy new? year

Isn’t this just the most relatable thing? We are back at it this week with the 6:30am alarms, which are feeling really hard after two weeks of slow mornings and late bedtimes. Instead of working in clinics like we normally would be doing pre-covid, we’re spending the next week learning about pain management and the … More happy new? year

MS2 things

Life lately has consisted of finding time to catch up with friends, squeezing in a Netflix episode here and there, baking chocolate chip cookies… basically all the things that come with my post-exam weeks, which always find me so incredibly exhausted (why is it impossible to get out of bed in the morning!?) and unmotivated … More MS2 things

2 minute story

I am standing off to one side, appropriately social distanced from the line of people hoping to enter the hospital today. Stickers on the floor tell them where to stand, and the masked hospital employee sitting at a table with sign-in sheets and hand sanitizer and forehead thermometers and masks calls them up when it … More 2 minute story

summer things

I sat down at a coffee shop today! It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, even though restaurants have been at 25% indoor/50% outdoor capacity for a month now (per phase 2 guidelines). Ever since I read this article, which breaks down covid transmission so well, I’ve felt uneasy about being indoors for a prolonged … More summer things